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tv   News Weekly  RT  July 13, 2014 4:29am-4:45am EDT

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the information obtained by the lead spies is laughable but said the political damage is serious a left party member expressed outrage saying there is no longer blind trust in the u.s. and the justice minister has demanded u.s. spying in germany be stopped once and for all parties peter oliver reports now from berlin. sent packing a with a flea in his ear. i just want to say that if you see it with human common sense in my opinion spying on allies and friends is a waste of energy. germany has now told the cia contact at the us embassy in berlin to get his things and leave. for the first time after a series of spy scandals this is a strong message from the germans that they've had enough of washington's behavior . through pretty poor foreign intelligence services isn't something we're taking lightly but it took a whole string of and biasing snooping slip ups to get to this stage that paints
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a picture of an abusive relationship in june of last year it emerged that the u.s. had spied on its european allies prompting this response from the chancellor spying on friends is not acceptable then it was revealed that mrs merkel's private cell phone was bugged by the n.s.a. washington promised not to do it again but refused to sign a no spy deal but still wanted to talk trade and rebuilding of trust between the transatlantic partners flash forward to april of this year when germany's request to see the chancellor's n.s.a. file was turned down even then i'm glad merkel was content to stand side by side with the u.s. president as he again spoke of their close friendship but the discovery of two potential double agents in germany and as many weeks and a lack of cooperation from the u.s. with the investigations looks like the final straw and it will be interesting to
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see what effect the expulsion of the cia official will have on an already strained u.s. german relationship now that berlin has shown its willingness to act peter all of a r.t. germany and it isn't the first time american intelligence has been caught sleeping on its ally because. some examples for you here in june last year it was revealed half a billion germans a month were having their private messages monitored chancellor angela merkel as you heard there fell victim to her phone was tapped and then in february it was reported. phone calls were snooped on in the run up to the u.s. led invasion of iraq one american investigative journalist told r.t. the latest revelations are leaving burley in embarrassed these kinds of measures are actually only done for a pariah states like north korea and so for us this is a political earthquake you could call it there's really serious ramifications i
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mean. maybe the treaty a. trade agreement might be at risk i think that the political climate here is at a very critical. point in time and people want solutions they want answers they want their elected officials. holding them to account and to protect their rights their constitutional rights and i would suggest that that that in the coming months i think we're going to see more of this sentiment yes indeed. i says jihadists made significant gains this week to expand their so-called islamic state in parts of syria and iraq they captured or oil fields and several sites with chemical and nuclear materials that could potentially be used to make weapons they've also received fresh recruits from a rival rebel faction but the united states which is helping the so-called moderate syrian opposition maintains it will not end up aiding the enemy yami to here has
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got more. the extremist group now controls a vast part of iraq and syria and has announced a talent fate one report says a thousand strong syrian rebel brigade arrived at the headquarters of the islamic state in a convoy of over one hundred vehicles including ten tanks ceased from syrian government forces for several years now u.s. officials have been trying to create this image of the syrian opposition is former teachers farmers and dentists fighting against bashar assad the speedy advance of the isis shows just how much more complicated the situation is the obama administration began to stumble when answering questions about the contradiction between u.s. efforts in syria and now in iraq. oftentimes the challenge is if you have former farmers or teachers. or pharmacists. who now are taking up. position against
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a battle hardened regime. with support from external actors that have won that state how quickly can you get them trained washington is still determined to continue arming the syrian opposition the white house has asked congress for half a billion dollars in eight for the syrian opposition and you have many hawkish lawmakers here who want just that the white house says the forces there are now providing weapons to our moderate but what does moderate mean in that part of the world where everything can change overnight we get into this conflict between who is a radical and who's a moderate and and who we're going to arm and then people change sides look what happened in iraq in recent years and it gets so confusing that even the experts don't understand it and get all tongue tied when they try to describe it in light
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of the onslaught of the islamic state you can often hear the criticism that in its exists to remove. washington may have overlooked the threat of this radical group in washington i'm going to check on our team. now for one weekend this summer speed limits the kremlin in moscow mean nothing thank you. head over russia's first formula one grand prix in sochi fans in the heart of the capital can get their rush of racing excitement we've got more pictures and video for you at r.t. dot com also there an investigation sheds light on a deadly plane crash in the congo four years ago it turns out it was all the plane of a runaway crocodile which apparently survived the crash. right the sea. first rate. and i think that your.
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orders. found him a pay didn't set off on a grand total of latin america this week while him when his aires his latest stop off the russian president cemented future ties with his arjen time counterpart christina kitchener they've agreed moscow would expand its foothold in argentina's energy sector. over twenty percent of argentina's hydroelectric power is produced by russian equipment we really hope to take an active part in the modernization program and the construction of new power plants one of our companies is planning to take a role in a hydro power station project worth two billion dollars. before hargitay nevada made peace and was in have an eye where he met cave currently to raul castro and
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his legendary brother fidel the russian president officially confirmed last case decision to write off ninety percent of the country's debt to the soviet union that in return secured rights for a russian company to drill for oil off the island's coast. or putin's next stop is brazil where he's expected to show up at tonight's football world cup final but that won't be the end of it he will stay around for the annual brics five nations summit that's also being held there it will tackle how developing nations can help drive the global economy and it's an issue we discuss with political analyst william doris so many order reserve economic life in the world since the end of world war two and especially since the end of the cold war have been controlled by a handful of wall street banks either directly or indirectly for regency like the international monetary fund and world bank and they have used their power their power to force. privatization shut down of industry. as
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a progressive. programs on countries around the world and it would be a wonderful thing of the very good thing for humanity if the brics countries whatever their differences are among them are able to create some kind of alternative well if they're also talking to about maybe creating a new internet to help data third to keep data safe from foreign prying eyes or this tell us about these countries desire to go it alone in more and more areas where i think that what the united states is doing as far as spying on its own so-called allies in germany. shows very much the need for that i think that would also be a very welcome alternative anything that could weaken the. monopoly power exercised by u.s. corporations in the u.s. military industrial complex in the world i think is a good thing for people. you're with us international coming up next daniel bushell weighs in on the situation in eastern ukraine and the truth since.
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the street is never really dead as long as it's with us the start of the first world war one hundred years ago is a case in point in numerous ways the beginning in conclusion of that conflict shapes our world today. one of. the polish face. a pleasure to have you with us here today i'm sure.
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the genocide in eastern ukraine and its quote shameful cover up in this program. bombing the wheat fields to make sure there is famine. kiev's later repeat settlers genocidal. and ukraine. by western europe. so a million people were slaughtered in rwanda as a snick genocide in just one hundred days the man who assassinated the country's
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president spoke that frenzy was trained by the us ministers confirmed the missile the blew up the president's plane came from u.s. stock piles once the core of massive blood boils predicted by the white house again memos show the us did everything possible to keep the murder going vetoing any intervention to stop the violence and even instructed u.s. government officials and mainstream media not to call the genocide a genocide to avoid public pressure to quote actually do something. be careful genocide finding pre-commit the us government to actually do some of the genocide spread to resource rich congo and was a huge success for washington bringing us puppets to power when the scale of the atrocity came out bill clinton was forced to make pups the most honest statement by a us president in thirty years admitting us claimed concern for quote human rights
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and democracy round the world just crocodile tears even when there is genocide the white house only ever does anything. he said when it's in american multinationals quote interests whether we get involved in any of the world's ethnic conflicts in the end must depend on the cumulative weight of the american interests at stake interests of journalist william and bill joins us great to talk to you so genocide is just another foreign policy tool for the u.s. well susan rice was a prime example when she was assistant secretary of state for africa policy under clinton she and her advocacy enabled the deaths of five million africans through the congo crisis. we have people in the washington ministration who are. unfit to stand trial for war crimes and their record as such. and the libya responsibility to protect which is responsibility to commit genocide
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in libya but in reality i think the same cache are trying to orchestrate a genocide in eastern ukraine just like unit but. not. all the polls lying on the ground another villages organs hanging on the outside only a tool so left the latest victim of. the daily bombings of civilians reportedly killed as again used to cluster bombs in this attack designed to kill indiscriminately the bomb splinter maiming or killing everyone in the surrounding area vanya celebrated his fifth birthday the day before the bombing the next day the cluster bomb blew his leg off he died almost immediately in front of those toys how would you as back to prison poroshenko feel she says if that was his children.
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from those historian eric is the most full rights wing government on the face of the earth is on the one. way killing spree he points out the self defense forces are not bombing or massacring anyone residents of eastern ukraine told offered news they used to think pilots were just flying blind and missing their targets then they found they were actually highly accurate always hitting civilians who had no other crime than their ethnicity. in the pretty countryside of east ukraine a tiny village called. the opening notes the mercenaries who make up a key of new army despise the place because it has a memorial commemorating world war two victory over their fascist heroes the memorial is shelled by killers on me almost every day one day as mercenaries attack the village itself locals claim this is war time.


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